Salon 2018 Fellowship Awards

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The Salon journal issue was developed to extend additional Publication Fellowship opportunities beyond the scope of our regular article collections. It follows the tradition of the annual group exhibition and features a single catalog essay by the guest curator. Open to American artists at all career stages, the goal is to present a cross-section of vital practices shaping contemporary art on the periphery of mainstream, commercial artworlds. This year's iteration of the Salon will introduce the work of 33 artists working across media and disciplines, emerging from top MFA and residency programs or holding university faculty positions.


Guest curator Lisa Volpe is a photography scholar serving at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and has been a regular contributor to Peripheral Vision since the first issue. Prior to moving to Houston, Volpe held curatorial positions at the Wichita Art Museum, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Cleveland Museum of Art. She is an historian deeply committed to working with living artists and to contributing to current discourses informing contemporary art. 


Kate Aitchison · Shiva Aliabadi · Paolo Arao · Molly Aubry · Karen Azarnia · Aimee Beaubien · Ligia Bouton · Jackie Brown · Thomas Condon · Julia Couzens · Priscilla Dobler · Carolyn Doucette · Vincent Falsetta · Jezabeth Gonzalez · Jamil Hellu · Elizabeth Hibbard · Kevin Hoth · Sophie Kahn · Sun Young Kang · Rebecca Kautz · Yeh Rim Lee · Wen Liu · Andy Mattern · Sherwin Ovid · Monika Plioplyte · Brittany Ransom · Nate Ricciuto · Yoshie Sakai · John Schlesinger · Hannah Thompsett · Sarah Tortora · Wade Tullier · Zhiyuan Yang

Follow along on Instagram @peripheralvisionpress as we share each fellow's work. Profile pages will be published on the website in the coming months.

Scott Gleeson, Publisher